Since I build all boards by hand, there are times that production cannot keep up with the incoming orders. Orders are processed and shipped in chronological order. First in - First out. You will get a shipping notification from the USPS with a tracking number when your order ships. The STM32 has an on-board microcomputer, so there is no need for a separate Arduino or other processor board. Two chains of low-pass filtering.

An easy to solder DB-9 for connection to the host repeater. Includes mating connector and metalized hood. RSSI support built on-board. New 'clip' circuit to help with RX level adjustment. Combined with one of our custom cases, optional it makes for a nice, neat compact package.

Maximum input voltage is 24V DC. Installation requires soldering. It does not like to have power on its output with no input. These cables are approximatley 36" long. These cables are approximatley 18" long. While product documentation is continuously under development, the user manuals for these products will follow in the same lines as the rest of the RB products in being straight forward and thorough.

I am in the process of assembling a fairly broad collection of connection diagrams for various repeaters and simplex radios. These will all be published on-line for folks to download, easily make the necessary connections to their radio, and configure their software to be on the air with the new digital modes easier than ever before.

My hope is that these products help more people get started with the new and expanding digital modes and their advanced capabilities. We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages. We have no control over your package once it is placed in the USPS outgoing mail slot. For more information, Please contact Scott either via e-mail or by phone during reasonable hours EST. Duplex Cables: For use with repeaters.

Duplex Cables:.This will be constructed using two surplus mobile analogue FM transceivers for uplink and downlink, paired with an open source MMDVM -based system for the digital modem, repeater control and IP network interconnect.

The repeater will be put to use by a local amateur radio group that frequently provide communications support to community events such as fell races, along with any radio ham visitors to the area and, of course, those remote and connected to the IP-linked digital radio network. Logo of the DMR Association. The digital standard is also suited to and actively used in, the 2M and 70cm amateur radio bands, which in the UK are licensed for MHz and MHz use respectively.

DMR can support two voice channels within a standard So it is a fairly efficient system, without being overly complex. Many different vendors offer DMR radio equipment. MMDVM is an open source software project licensed under GPL v2, but with a note to say that it is intended for amateur and educational use only, with commercial use strictly forbidden. This does seem possibly at odds with the GPL licence, but is likely to do with digital codec patents. Edit: STM32F board is shown invertered here — it's USB connector should be on the outside and not positioned between the two boards!

There is also a TCXO for frequency stability, some basic buffering and level conversion, plus indicators for the mode in use and PTT active etc. The instructions provided by F5UII walk through the few steps required to install a toolchain on Windows. However, since we were using Ubuntu it was even more straightforward. The Config. We set the configuration lines:.

Open source hardware and software! DesignSpark Electrical Logo linkedin. Contribute Login to contribute. What is DMR? Licence-free use in Europe on the MHz band. Non-infrastructure and without repeater use. Tier II. Support for higher spectral efficiency, advanced voice features and IP data services. Tier III. Multiple standard and hardware platform support MMDVM is an open source software project licensed under GPL v2, but with a note to say that it is intended for amateur and educational use only, with commercial use strictly forbidden.

The shield was supplied as a kit of through-hole parts and took very little time to assemble. Toolchain setup The instructions provided by F5UII walk through the few steps required to install a toolchain on Windows.Everything is all still here; items just got moved. Attention Ebay buyers and sellers: If you are buying or selling a MaxTrac, Radius mobile, or GM you need to read the warning on this page.

Any Motorola prices mentioned on this page or on any page at this web site should be taken only as a rough guideline. Prices are changed quarterly, so use the mentioned prices only as a rough indication. If you encounter a large price change on anything where we've mentioned a price we'd appreciate an emailed update. Caution: A lot of the information in the articles below is valid only for MaxTracs and MaxTrac-based Radius radios the Radius mobiles that have the letters LRA in the middle of the model number.

The MaxTracs came first, then when Motorola needed radios to sell as Radius models i. There are some very slight differences, but there is a lot of commonality between the hardware the circuit boards, etc inside the MaxTrac and Radius LRA series mobiles.

The later GM series which includes the Radius M10, M and M radios look a lot like the MaxTrac and Radius LRA series, have similar specifications and physical construction, but are actually quite different internally. There is no Radius or GM series Lab RSS floating around yet so unsuspecting experimenters can turn one of these radios into an expensive brick if not careful.

See the GM article below for more details. Click here for a photo. This is definitely not repeater service or any kind of amateur radio service that I'm familiar with! And besides, the rear mounted heat sink does not cool the pin diodes or any other PC-board mounted components. Reducing the transmit power can help, but some models have a minimum rated power level like not less than 25 watts and not more than 45 watts. You should read this article before any of the other articles here. Some are more equal than others The author does some simple experiments and analysis.

The author traced the source and shows several ways to get rid of it. Here's a collection of frequencies that these radios can generate internally; some of them can be annoying. A lot of the information came from the DeskTrac Service Manual. A follow-up to the article above. Applies to Radius and MaraTrac radios too. Of course Motorola doesn't want you to twiddle with these, but occasionally it's necessary.

They have about a 20 year lifetime, so any radio made prior to about will have this problem and the Dallas chip will need to be replaced.

This article tells you what to do about it. This is a companion article to the ones above and below. Should also work with the MaraTrac radios.First of all the rear socket of the station is a female DB15 socket.

MMDVM How two Video! DSTAR DMR Repeater Build

On the Audio tab, you must set Rx which is the audio signal received by the transceiver to an audio output point on R2. For the adjustment of the DMR emission, the potentiometer must be set to a high limit stop and thus passing so that the entire LF signal is transmitted to the transmitter without loss. In my case, I use an SDR key to display the dynamic spectrum.

Decrease the modulation amplitude until the central line disappears. Do not hesitate to share your experiences by submitting your comments at the bottom of the page. This can interest other Sysop …. This is wrong bandwith. Use Ceci est la mauvaise bande passante. Thank you for your comments. I have not note any evolution of quality in function of bandwith reception Otherwise, i think there is no interest to disassemble the TX pot because tuning it to stop position is enough.

On my side, i had no need to limit the audio level transmiting by the TM, so no voltage divider here. It is yes necessary for the motorola transceivers. This is precisely one of the functions provided by my Motorola accessory plug adapter.

Did you test in all 4 modes incl P25? Traduction Avez-vous essayer dans les 4 modes, incluant P25? No, I have not tested the configuration with other mode than DMR. Also your circuit design has too much gain on RX opamp. Change K R to 30K R and see the difference, and better audio quality. Also you are using K at minimum TX path. This is not enough.

YAESU DR-1X Repeater

The I am building dmr using your mmdvm shield based on nucleo. But after testing with my old mobile radios I ended up changing them with something tested. I found Tait TM really on deal. But now I have strugles with programming and do further testing. Is the Tait have programming key combination to be changed for programming?Steven this are the contribution of DO1JG. The STM32 has an on-board microcomputer, so there is no need for a separate Arduino or other processor board.

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mmdvm repeater builder

Steven Hess. Group My googling has been weak.

mmdvm repeater builder

Use what works without prejudice. Uploaded an image to "files" path, you can thank you to DO1JG. Give me your e-mail will sent you a pic with the connections. Let gonna try again. This question interested me because I hv an unused dr1x, however did not have enough details.

Two chains of low-pass filtering. An easy to solder DB-9 for connection to the host repeater. Includes mating connector and metalized hood. RSSI support built on-board.Email: LegenDarry ks-dmr. One is manual, and the other is automated, which you can do remotely. Just be warned: you need to have stm32flash and WiringPi installed to make it all work.

Sure, this saves development time, but the bigger goal is to improve quality by not dividing attention between different electrical designs and firmware builds. All of the boards have a way to put them into bootloader mode, which requires holding the bootloader enable pin on the STM32 high while resetting the processor pulling it low. The jumpers are at right angles and can easily be accessed with the card installed in the MTR station.

You only need to type:. When pulled together the exact command to flash the STM32 is:. The procedure is as follows:. I usually cannot even see them at all unless the room is dark. This continues until the end of the writing activity and the STM32 microcontroller resets. Make sure the bootstrap jumper is removed before this, or when the board resets, it will come back up in bootloader mode again. If it does, no problem, just pull the jumper from the bootstrap header and short the pins on the reset header again.

I suspect is has something to do with how the libraries are linked or not in the pre-compiled version and maybe expectations of the SBC being a RaspberryPi. If not, they need to be. They are not installed by default with Armbian, so I had to install them initially.

I used a 3rd party version for the OrangePi Zero that I found here. This version worked just fine out of the box. The output should look similar to this:. Ok, so that was probably just showing off a bit. Of course the real goal was to prove that worked, and then write a shell script to automate the process, but I thought you might like to see it all spelled out exactly as typed.

Of course, no tutorial would be complete without showing a screen shot, right? That was a really long article.This is the largest repeater information site in the world! Below is a Google ad to help pay the bandwidth and hosting bill.

How to tune your MMDVM repeater with an SDR for low BER

No endorsement of the products is implied. Donations are appreciated for the continued availability and upkeep of this site. We have over 10, publicly-accessible files occupying over 11 GB of server space. All of this is freely downloadable information, and our server transfers i. The repeater-builder web group that is associated with this web site has over 5, members worldwide and is a tremendous resource of technical knowledge on repeaters and repeater-building, be they amateur, commercial, GMRS, public safety, CAP, or The contents of the information pages at this web site are totally dependent on donations of information.

If you have expertise on a particular piece of equipment, or detailed knowledge on a topic, please consider contributing an article or two to this web site. This web site is privately owned and operated; all financial support comes from donations from individuals.

There is little advertising on this web site except for a few small amateur-owned companies that manufacture boards and parts of interest to the repeater community, and a few Google ads like the one above that help pay the hosting fees.

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Due to the fact that we are using the free Google search there will be advertisements in the Google search results. Note that you can't use this if you're running IE8 or earlier. Thanks, Google! To make available technical people who may answer repeater related questions.

To supply information on construction projects and technical information relating to repeaters. To make available email lists and web groups for those seeking information about repeaters.

mmdvm repeater builder

Like this one. To provide links to Service and Equipment providers. Here is one example of the service provided by this site. Ray's first repeater. Consider the RFinder application for locating repeaters of interest. The Main Modification and Information Index Everything here was donated by somebody in the spirit of sharing.

What information do you have to contribute? Want to see your name in print on this web site?? Click here for our "wish-list" and a list of some articles we need!! Don't see an article on what you came here for?? See the last paragraph on the above link. Connect Systems Inc. Johnson two-way radio equipment. Ritron, Inc.

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